How to change our mind to think positive thought

Hey, how are you? I hope all is well with you. During this difficult time of Covid-19, you should have to take precautions and follow the government guidelines.

Due to covid-19, our lifestyle is totally changed. Today we avoided our meeting with friends if it is not necessary. Most of the people leave their jobs or they become jobless. This covid-19 makes our lives more difficult.


Students are taking their classes online. Only digital platforms are available now. People are going through digital platforms and they have to do with the job.


In the meantime of Covid-19, people are alone and they are talking to their friends and family members on phone only.  So that people feel bored and anxious.


So in this article, we share with you some important tips about how to think positively about anything.


“If we think positive about anything then positive energy will come from the power “


So start your day with positive thoughts about your future goals.


When I was in 10th standard I feel depressed and every time I thought negative things in my mind then after I told my senior about this problem that – why negative things are going through?


Then she told me some most important things which I never forget and still following these points.


  • Always be things positive in any negative through and any negative situations we have. When we think positively about that then our negative feelings will end.


“Everything which is happening in our life is our destiny, we have to accept it if it is good or bad. And most importantly to learn from our failures.”


Every single through which we’ll think is always be positive.


For example –  When I got failed my 12th board maths exam and everyone says now you will not be able to do anything in your life then I think positively and I clear my compartment exam within a 1-month of preparation and got the job through college placement.


So, every up and down always come in our life but we have to take care and dealing with the things is more important.


How to we worked on it?

How to make everything good?


Just focus on that question first then after you get all the solutions according to your situation.


  • It is natural that you have to think negative thoughts in your mind but don’t bethink again and again about negative things. Because every thought in our mind has become true. If we think again and again the same through.


“So that’s why I tell you that, it’s okay if you thought negative things but it’s not okay, if you thought, again and again, negative things.”


So remember that point which is very important to overcome your negative things.


  • Avoid negative character or negative people.  If you have any person who always has negative feelings and thoughts then leave that person company.


  • Read the books which motivate you and make you feel better and fresh. If you feel good then you wi always through positive thoughts.


  • Always in the morning do yoga which always makes you happy, energetic, and healthy.



Follow up all the above information then you definitely overcome your negative thoughts from your mind and just think positive thoughts.


If you face any problems and want to suggest something else please let me know. I will respond to you. Just send the mail. I will happy if I resolve your problems.


Karishma Bagri 

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