Privacy Policy

In an online platform like website, Android applications, or any other several servers when we visit generally we see the privacy policy. So privacy policy is nothing but a group of rules and regulations for that particular website or application which you are using. All the contents present on the platform are private. All the copyrights are reserved with the owner of the content mainly website owner.

So privacy policy is the legal document of content usage discloses and manages customers and users. All these different types of data present are for commercial usage, plans, theories, blogs, etc, and generally visible on the websites all over the world on different servers.

If you want to know the privacy policy of

You can easily find it below


When it comes to the cookies of the site, it’s the file of the content, created by the service provider or the host of the website. The created file is uploaded to the hard drive of the computer through the website server. Mostly the cookies are added to the website so that it can help the host to know the website traffic, remember different website information and help them to improve. Even these cookies help the host to encounter the different website activities taking place on the website. But the best thing about providing cookies, are you can understand the traffic, user experience, interaction, and also improve your website based on the different types of users you are getting on the site.

Simply cookies help us to ensure our visitors with excellent site experience and tools to improve in the future.

Many times when you visit sites on the internet, you may be noticed that websites will generally ask you to accept cookies. So that it can function properly on your connected server. If you have turned off the setting of accepting cookies of the website, it will fail to show some of its features that may be your requirement. So you must turn on the browser setting to accept the cookies of the website.

Google analytics

Basically, google analytics is used to manage the traffic of the site. It shows the detailed data about the visitors on your website along with average engagement duration, country, etc. Now let’s see what are the different data collections which are featured in Google Analytics:

Remarketing with Google Adsense:

Now when it comes to remarketing with Google Adsense. It follows a basic structure of advertising different products and services by linking them with your website. Generally, it shows the advertisement of different products to the users who visit your website. It also shows details of the product along with the information and ensures a chance that the visitor is forced to buy a particular product or service which is being featured along with the data or website information on the internet.

Anywhere this is totally is in the control of the website owner. Depending on his/her interest it can be turned on or disabled. While using this feature you must go through the Google Analytics Advertising Features Policy and also its rules, regulations, and usage policies.

Advertising reporting system:

This system enables the advertising reporting system which includes different demonstrations such as demographics of a different audience, Doubleclick bid manager, DoubleClick campaign manager, etc. The information which a user-provided during its signup google account can be generally linked when you sign in. This information may include your personal data such as name, age, date of birth, location, browser, device, etc.

Even you can find this on Google’s official website at in the privacy policy section. Even as per your interest you can also block the accepting cookies, location, etc to escape from this feature.

How often privacy the policy can be changed

Well changing of the privacy policy is not a big task and also there are no certain rules and regulations for changing the privacy policy for a particular website.

But when it comes to change the privacy policy of the website based upon the user’s feedback, it can be altered. Most of the time it’s noted most of the websites alter their privacy policy seasonally making a detailed study based on the analytics, audience feedback, traffic of the website, information present on the website, etc.

How to contact us

If you have any queries or any other problem regarding the website content, pictures or anything else you just need to make an email at the official website as provided below:

Data Protection Officer or official website email: privacy@


Through this above email, you can discuss your queries. The response regarding your questions may take some time between 12-48 hours.

About third party resources:

In this third party discloser, it’s making sure that the personal data of any of the user is not given anyone. It clearly says that we never sell, trade, or transfer your data to anyone without taking your permission. Even this is made clear that in this while process the website hosting partners and some of the other parties which help us to run the website have agreed to keep the data confidential.

Third-party links:

When we surf on the internet and visit different sites in between the website content we generally come around links that always take us to the other website. Here the original website doesn’t have any responsibility for your data. The new website you have visited through third party link has its own different policies which differ from the original site which you have visited.

California Online Privacy Policy Protection Act:

It is also called as CalOPPA in short. It’s considered as the first state law in the whole nation which requires the commercial website and also an online service to post different privacy policies. This system is legally applied to any person or organization which collects the personal data of any person in the whole United States of America.

Here CalOPPA is applied to any website person or entity which holds a commercial website or any of the online service where they are collection the private data of any person. This is the privacy policies of this site which you need to agree.