Website Not Responding on Google Chrome

google chrome not responding

When it comes to searching for anything on the internet, we generally visit Google chrome. As it is a safe, reliable, and simple interface to use, users find it very comfortable to manage it. But rarely it’s seen Google chrome doesn’t respond and also doesn’t allow users to get connected through the internet.


So in this article let’s discuss the reasons why Google chrome doesn’t respond and tips to overcome this problem. Here are some problems due to which google chrome doesn’t respond :


  • Most of the time it’s noticed that google chrome doesn’t respond to older versions of windows.

Generally, this problem occurs in older versions of windows like window7&8. If you are not using even window-10 you must know all the below-provided tips to overcome this problem.


  • Sometimes google chrome won’t allow to startup, won’t close and also every few seconds


This problem is mostly seen in mobile users and also in windows sometimes. This problem arises due to some third party application users. Now if you are looking to fix this problem simply make a full scan of your device this will really help you a lot.


This is the most common problem which is experienced by internet users on not only google chrome but also different browsers. If you encounter this problem simply you need to clear the total cache of your system and check if it works.


  • Google chrome freezing

If you have noticed that Google Chrome is freezing continuously then you must reinstall it because the main reason it is your installation may be corrupted. So for this only one thing is possible that is the installation of your browser.


Once we have discussed the most general problems encountered by various users. Now let’s discuss those tips which can help us to overcome all these problems.



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Tip-1: you must add Google Chrome to your Firewall Exception List


It’s seen that most of the time due to a problem on the Firewall, Google Chrome doesn’t function properly.


So let’s see how you can fix this problem, simply follow these steps


➽ Visit your search menu and simply type the window firewall and press enter.


Google Chorme Not Responding


➽ Here in the left-hand pane, you need to select allow apps through the window firewall.

Google Chorme Not Responding


➽ Now click on the change setting and select allow other apps.


Google Chorme Not Responding


➽ In the final step select Google chrome > click adds > ok.


Once you have made all these settings Google chrome automatically goes through your firewall.



Tip-2:- You need to Clear your DNS Cache


This is a very simple problem, follow these below steps to fix it.


➽ You need to visit your desktop and press window key + X in order to open a win + x menu.


Clear your DNS Cache


➽ Now click on the change setting and select allow other apps.


➽ In the final step select Google chrome > click adds > ok.


➽ Once you are done with it you need to select a command prompt or power shell from the list.

Search bar on Windows 10


➽ In the final step type the command and click on the enter after each command.

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • netsh winsock reset


Windows 10: DNS flush via the command prompt


All these above tips will help you to overcome the Google chrome not responding.



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