What Does Facebook Know About You

facebook know about us

From the day, when the Internet and computers came into the world, the whole universe has taken a revolutionary change. On the internet, Social media plays a vital role in connecting people, famWhat Does Facebook Know About You, friends, and also became a popular place of entertainment. Among all these social media FACEBOOK acts as a king. It is the most powerful platform when everyone is connected to spend their time in different modes such as chatting, business, entertainment, learning, etc.


Facebook is playing a very crucial role in our life. So in this post let’s see what does Facebook mainly knows about us


➽ Phone Data

The data collected by different agencies show that last year nearly 60-65% of Facebook users are through mobiles. Even it’s the trend of smartphones so the results have come out to be very impressive beating the desktop users.  Now when it comes to downloading Facebook through mobile data, it simply doesn’t get accessed.


What Does Facebook Know About You


It asks the users personal data, and contacts permission, location, etc so that it can be traced and recommend the other close friends in order to get forced to visit these platforms. Even it had full access and control over the calls, messages, and other chats done on this platform. However, the platform says it never toilets the privacy policy.


➽ Ad preferences

Now when it comes to earnings of Facebook, it generally follows the Google model to make it’s earnings a very high scale. Data related to the earning model of Facebook says that 96-98% of the total earning of Facebook is gained through running advertisements campaigns on this platform.


Generally based on the different topics seen by the user on Facebook, it will analyze the user’s interest and show the advertisement of those items, so that users can easily be attracted to such items. Even Facebook has the ability to analyze the ratio of likes and dislikes on its platform based on the user’s interest.


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➽ Facebook knows who you are


Basically, when you set up your Facebook account it will ask you to post a profile picture. This will generally help your friends to recognize you because as a social media platform many people have the common name. Based on your permissions allows for Facebook or will recognize your location and recommend your profile in your local areas and also to a friend of friends so that if you have any link you can be a Facebook friend to trace them. This is also a great marketing strategy to engage the audience and keep them more time on your platform engaged.


➽ Facebook Remembers Everything

Generally many times we forget to do some of our daily routines but Facebook never does this. Facebook remembers every small point of your Facebook profile. It contains all the data where you have visited, friend request accepted, request sent, photos uploaded, deleted things, videos watched, chats, etc last everything. Even if you have turned on the location of your device it knows exactly at the present time where you are.


After reading this what does Facebook know about you are you getting frightened?


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