What is Windows 10X and How to Install Windows 10X

Install Windows 10X


When it comes to computers, our personal computers are nothing without windows. So let’s understand what does a window really means?

So windows are nothing but simply an operating system. The operating system can be easily understood as giving commands so that a machine can understand what the user is demanding and perform accordingly, to provide an output or the information.

In order to tackle all the problems, different versions of windows are present. Our personal computers are nothing without a window. In all the personal computers windows are already installed.


What is window 10X

Now when it comes to window 10X, it’s nothing but a new version of the Operating system (window 10). The main reason for developing this window 10 is to improve modern technology. This will help to simplify the present-day devices and update them so that they can become more accurate, efficient, and easy. This will help out in making Dual-Screen PC, and also folding screen devices.


Window 10x is also known by other names such as windows 10 lite, windows lite, windows core OS. Windows 10x are mostly similar to existing Windows 10 but windows 10x are the updated version of window 10.


How to Install windows 10X

In order to install Windows 10x, there are some software and hardware requirements that you need to fulfill.


Software requirement


Your system must have Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education (x64) build 19555 or later from the Windows Insider Program.


Microsoft Hyper-V with GPU-PV for hardware-accelerated tasks.




Hardware requirement

When it comes to hardware your system must contain


An Intel processor that contains at least four cores with visualization support.


RAM of more than 8 GB or more


More than 15-20gb of Drive mainly SSD Drive is recommended by the professionals.


When it comes to Discrete video card with support for DirectX 11 and WDDM 2.4 graphics.




Follow the below steps to install the window 10x

Now if you have successfully satisfied the above requirements then


Firstly open your PC and visit the settings. In this section select update and security.


Here a new file is displayed on your screen, from this you need to select the “Windows insider program“.


At this point click on the get started option provided.

How to Install windows 10X

When you click on get started, then you will notice the “link an account” button.

How to Install windows 10X

Here you have to select an email address from the list shown on your screen or even you will be able to add another account also.


Once you have linked your account, click on the continue button.


At this place, you will find a new file displayed on your screen as “Pick your Insider settings”, from this page select the “fast” option and confirm it to continue further.

How to Install windows 10X

Once again you need to click ‘confirm‘, and press the restart button.

How to Install windows 10X

Once done, open the settings and select the update and security option provided there.


Here you will find a new page gets opened with the name “window update“.

How to Install windows 10X

At the beginning of this page, you will find a check for update option and click on restart now.

Once you successfully follow all these steps your latest version is ready to get installed and use it. I hope this article is useful for you and have resolved your issues. If you have any questions and suggestion regarding this then please mail us admin@makeyourpoints.com


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