Why Does Windows Crash, the 9 Most Common Reasons

When your computer screen turns out to be blank and regularly stops working it’s said that the window has been crashed. It seems very much irritating. So let’s discuss why do windows crash.


When it comes to the crashing of windows it said that due to errors in the programming features of the operating system it takes place. Due to various data provided by researchers, it saw that 95% of the cases are raised due to buggy device drivers. And in remaining cases due to malfunctioning of hardware and installation problems etc.


So here let’s discuss the Nine most common reasons why windows get crashed :


  1. May be due to RAM Problem

RAM Problem

All the data on your computer is stored in the RAM only. So due to memory issues, your window may get crashed. There are several tools such as MemTest86  to check whether RAM is working properly or not. You can use it to encounter this issue.


  1. Failing hard drive issue

Failing hard drive issue

When it comes to failing the drive clicking sound is one of the most commonly observed. As your window has to read the hard drive every time to show the output, if it gets trouble there definitely it will get crashed.


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  1. Because of Driver Issue

Drivers are nothing but simply software that allows windows to interface with different hardware connected in the device. Generally, the drivers operate automatically such as it gets updated based upon the requirement. But sometimes when it fails to do so the window crashing problem occurs.


  1. Due to Overheating of your Computer

Overheating of your Computer

There are many sensitive components inside the device. They have a fixed temperature and voltage capacity. So either of them slightly gets increased, those components will surely burst. This also becomes a reason to crash windows.


  1. Due to Malware Infections

This is also a very common reason through which windows get crashed. Due to junk files, trojans, and different virus computers become very slow which results in crashing of the window.


  1. Registry damage reason

Windows registry is a place for computer software and programs to store data. Due to continuous placing and removing data from the same place some errors generally occur which leads to error in the program to show the proper output. And this reason turns to be crashing off the window.


  1. Software Conflicts problem

There is much software that has junk files and also not secured to use in the systems. Those apps generally destroy the device complexity resulting in the window crash.


  1. Power Issue.

Due to power fluctuations, the sensitive components inside the computer may get damaged resulting in improper functions of the system. which leads to the crashing of the window.


  1. Due to Running of an unsupported window version on your computer

When you install an unsupported version of windows or apps which does not support your device versions this problem may be raised.



Hope you have gained the information about different reasons why the windows get crashed.


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